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How UK Businesses Are Adopting Conversational AI

Businesses across the country are shifting their strategy towards a customer-first approach. Customer centricity isn’t a new idea, but it’s arguably more important now than ever. It is 2019 and British consumers expect modern, effortless and personalized experiences – and companies are on the hook to deliver. 

 Almost all industries are being disrupted and competition is particularly fierce among energy suppliers, retailers, and airlines. There are hardly any businesses in the UK today that do not feel the pressure to improve their customer relationships while optimizing their operational efficiency. 

 To tackle this challenge at scale, businesses like Thomas CookZalando, and See Tickets, turn to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Across industries, conversational AI is helping to deliver better customer service experiences, drive marketing outcomes and revenue, and enable employees in contract centers and beyond. 

The Sunday Times recently dedicated a supplement to “AI for Business” featuring Bold360 and explaining the various use cases for conversational AI as well as See Tickets’s journey with AI. 

 As one of the largest ticketing companies in the world and with 40,000 events on sale, See Tickets was faced with a huge volume of enquiries every day – an incredibly labor-intensive and costly task that their customer service teams found overwhelming. In less than a year, Bold360 helped See Tickets to resolve 95% of all enquiries without any interaction by their human agents, while also providing actionable insights to help resolve friction points in the customer journey immediately. See Tickets’ agents are now able to focus on more complex as well as high-value conversations and dedicate more time on ensuring every customer interaction is the best it can be. 

“With Bold360 our customers get accurate and consistent information, that has been pre-qualified by our team. 95% of the enquiries are now dealt with without any human interaction.” — Rob Wilmshurst, CEO at See Tickets

To learn more about the various use cases and See Tickets’ success story, check out the AI for Business supplement in the Sunday Times. 

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