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It’s Time to Ditch the Script: How A.I. is Helping to Create Personalized Experiences

Today’s consumers have heightened standards for customer service and support.  When they log onto a brand’s website — especially if they regularly do business with that company — they expect the experience to be personal to them.  They expect their interests to be known, their needs anticipated and that the shopping experience will be as intuitive as possible.  During a time where every advertisement we see on social media and every recommended product on Amazon is tailored to our individual interests, customer support interactions must follow suit.

A recent survey found that shoppers appreciate agents who empathize, act quickly, and drop the script.  Meaning they want to talk to someone who is really listening to them and understands what they are trying to accomplish.  Not one who is simply following an “if this, then that” flow-chart.  The challenge for customer service agents is how to take  the time to provide personalized and empathetic support, while still ensuring customer interactions are fast and efficient. To strike this balance, artificial intelligence is helping brands align their CX teams to meet these new standards for customer support, both as external tools and internal resources.

External chatbots understand each shopper’s situation and provide contextual answers, fast

Chatbots are no longer just a buzzword — they are a viable customer service channel that can provide accurate and efficient support.  The technology can be implemented across critical touchpoints — from a website to a mobile app and even on a Facebook page — to ensure customer can get consistent support wherever, whenever.

The reason chatbots are so game-changing is the innovative technologies embedded within them. Specifically, with AI and natural-language processing capabilities these tools have the unique ability to go beyond a scripted, FAQ-like interaction, and actually understand the context of shoppers’ situations and provide relevant, accurate and tailored answers.

Internal AI tools help live reps provide personalized and consistent support

The same virtual assistant tools that brands use to resolve customer problems can also be implemented internally as a resource for live customer service reps. With vast knowledge management systems and the ability to dig into individual customer’s history (previous interactions, purchases, returns, etc.) customer service agents can leverage AI to ensure they have all the insights needed to effectively solve customer problems. Not only does this allow them to tailor the support experience by having the customer’s full history at their fingertips, but it also mitigates frustration by not forcing the customer to repeat information that they’ve shared via other channels.

Customer service interactions in our hyper-digital world need to be personalized — and brands that still train their technology tools and representatives to follow scripted conversations are destined for failure. With the growth of AI-driven virtual assistants, brands can provide highly-tailored engagements that keep customers satisfied and shopping.

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