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Welcome to the Future of Customer Engagement; Introducing Bold360 ai

When we launched Bold360 last year, we knew it was just the beginning of something great. We challenged the status quo and helped companies deliver the types of customer experiences that result in long-term loyalty and success.  But we also knew we weren’t done there.  With the acquisition of Nanorep, we brought in A.I. technology that could only be described as groundbreaking.  The ability for a chatbot to actually have an intelligent, conversational and contextual interaction with a customer felt almost futuristic — and exactly what the industry was missing.  Today, only 6 months later we are revealing something pretty spectacular — let me introduce you to Bold360 ai.  Bold360 ai brings together chatbots and human agents by leveraging A.I. across both self-service and agent-assisted engagement channels to deliver dramatically better — and more human — customer experiences.

I recently sat down with the General Manager of LogMeIn’s Customer Engagement and Support business, Paddy Srinivasan, to discuss why this launch is an incredibly important milestone in our mission to empower companies to deliver more human, personalized and intelligent customer engagement.



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