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Will AI Bring the Humanity Back to Digital Business?

Imagine this: You need something to wear for a special occasion, so you head to your favorite clothing store. There are plenty of associates around, but they just stand there, ignoring you. You have a question about the price of an item, so you search out someone to help.  After asking your question, you just stand there awkwardly waiting for an answer. You finally get a response, but it’s something along the lines of “Sure! Wait time is approximately ten minutes” and then you’re left on your own again.

You’d be completely bewildered, right? Yet that is exactly what happens every day in the online world. Customers go on a website in search of something, but they often struggle to find what they need and decide to move on. AI-powered chatbots have made this experience a bit better, offering answers to frequently asked questions and helping route customers to the right agent when necessary, but still, conducting business online can feel impersonal.

So, what’s the next evolution of AI-powered customer engagement? Proactive AI—AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants that guide customers through their entire journey with relevant and timely content that can help them make purchasing decisions or simply get more information on a product or service. Proactive AI tools help customers have that same in-person, “how can we help you today” experience online.

And that’s the vision for the latest version of Bold360: to move online customer engagement from reactive to proactive. To create an experience that delivers more meaningful, personal, and relevant interactions when and how the customer wants. Bold360 anticipates customer needs and preemptively serves up content that can help the customer along the way. For example, if a customer is doing research on a beach vacation, the Bold360 bot can identify that need, and offer up suggestions and content related those suggestions like videos or articles to help the customer make an informed decision. In addition, we’ve added linguistic capabilities that ensures language barriers are never an issue. A bot or agent in the US talking to a customer Germany? They can interact easily—even if that bot or agent isn’t fluent in German.

As more and more business is conducted online, we as consumers have lost some of the personalization and humanity that we all used to value. Ironically, it’s bots that are going to help bring it back. The latest version of Bold360 is the first step in helping brands create a more in-person or concierge-like experience online. By helping customers at every stage of the journey—from acquisition through post-sale support—bots can go from FAQ engine to full-fledged personal assistant.

Learn more about Bold360’s new features here.

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