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BoldChat’s Latest Release Increases Extensibility & Efficiency

We’re excited to announce a new release of BoldChat (v8.0) that includes features designed to create extensibility, simplicity and flexibility. Increased connectivity and accessibility to information (made possible with our latest enhancements) enable companies to increase efficiencies and maximize productivity.

Built with portability in mind, we have launched a new Web Dashboard that works seamlessly across all devices, providing supervisors with real-time insights on contact center performance. The dashboard includes a fully customizable 360-degree view with custom filtering criteria and interactive graphs optimized for smartphones, tablets, and TV displays.

With this release, we are also launching the Workflow API, which enables companies to support blended agents and increase efficiencies. The API supports integrations with external systems like telephony, workforce management, etc., allowing agent availability to be synchronized across internal and external channels. Businesses can also implement custom workflow logic (e.g. change routing rules, disable automatic chat distribution, etc.) quickly via middleware code.

In addition to these enhancements, our latest release also includes:

  • Provisioning API for automated operator setup
  • Chat Window SDK to create fully customized chat windows
  • New Email Reports and Chat Report Filters for additional analysis
  • Windows 10 Compatibility for the desktop client and visitor chat windows

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