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Introducing Bold360: Making Digital Customer Service Smarter

Today is a very exciting day for us at LogMeIn.  We released into market our first brand new product since the merger of GetGo and LogMeIn earlier this year – Bold360, an intelligent customer engagement platform that provides a real time 360-degree view of customer touchpoints.  The marriage of these two companies was natural – especially in the customer engagement and support realm.  We shared a distinct mission to help companies re-imagine how they engage with customers and Bold360 is our first step toward that shared vision.

What is Bold360?

While Bold360 is an evolution of our BoldChat brand and product– it goes far beyond a traditional product upgrade.  With an aim to make customer service smarter, Bold360 takes an innovative approach to customer engagement by providing agents with a real-time 360-degree view of a customer lifecycle all in a single window.  In addition to delivering this crucial unified view, Bold360 also includes the most popular engagement channels including Live Chat and Facebook Messenger, remote support tools to help agents actually fix issues as they come up, automation that empowers customers to self-serve for routine questions, and easy code-free integrations for popular business systems.

Why is this innovative?

Right now, we are in the midst of a major shift in customer engagement – at a time when technology has enabled today’s digital customer to be more empowered than ever before.  And while we’ve made much progress since the early days of SaaS when businesses were racing to stand-up CRM and ticketing systems to support phone-based contact centers, today most companies are literally racing just to keep up with their customers.

In talking to companies, we quickly realized that while creating an omni-channel experience was important – what was really missing was a single source of truth for customer interactions. One that  compiles all available information on customers, makes that information actionable, and puts it at the  fingertips of agents. Consumer expectations are rising and many brands don’t feel equipped to provide the level of service that can create true competitive differentiation.  While CRM and digital customer service technologies are doing their best to develop multi-channel capabilities, those channels often don’t work nicely together and lack rich a feature set.  Sure, adding channels helps customers communicate with brands in various ways, but the customer data still lives in various disparate systems (some in the CRM, some in the ERP and ticketing, some in social platforms), leaving the agent no choice but to scour all of them to fully understand the customer they are interacting with.  This is both inefficient for the agent and leads to customer frustration.

Bold360 was designed to bridge this gap.  We have the channels to help brands communicate with their customers at the right time in the right way.  We have the tools to make agents efficient and successful (see: automation that gets smarter over time).  We integrate with the most popular business systems including Salesforce and Zendesk because we recognize that the information in those systems – while static – is critical to building a full customer profile.  And we put all that information into an intuitive interface that empowers agents with all the information needed to provide the level of customer service that goes beyond good-enough to deliver an efficient, effective and personal experience that builds brand loyalty.

What’s next?

Bold360 is just the beginning of our effort to reinvent customer engagement and support.  The response from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive, but we know that there is still so much work to be done.  Customer expectations will only continue to rise and we are committed to helping our clients exceed those expectations.  As technology evolves, so will Bold360.   The future of customer service starts today and we are excited to see Bold360 bet at the forefront.

Learn more about Bold360 here.

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