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Introducing a New BoldChat

Most businesses agree that while exceptional customer experience has always been important, it’s more difficult than ever to achieve. Customer experience is rapidly changing, especially by companies like Uber and Amazon, who have trained customers to expect everything to work effortlessly and instantly with a single click.

So when it comes to Customer Engagement and Support, it’s not surprising that customers expect the exact same thing.  And the expectations of today’s customers make it hard for today’s contact centers to keep up and remain competitive.

But as the world of customer experience continues to rapidly evolve, challenges in traditional customer engagement like siloed communication, inefficient use of channels, and disjointed customer information, have inhibited companies from taking back and owning the customer experience.

Business that can remove these barriers and take an omni-channel approach to customer experience– one that provides the right channel to the right customer for the right situation – will be most successful.

We’ve been talking about the merits of an omni-channel experience to help our customers move beyond these challenges for a while, and today we announced a brand new version of BoldChat that continues our mission to provide a market-leading live chat and omni-channel customer engagement solutions which gives businesses the control and flexibility to distinguish themselves in the marketplace. The latest BoldChat adds new channels including video chat and auto answers – ensuring that whether the customer query requires a high-touch interaction, a self-service question, or anything in between, BoldChat can meet those needs.   We also added a new UI that provides agents a consolidated view of all customer communications and relevant information in order to provide a more personal experience with faster resolution times.

We’ve all been in situations where customer service has made or broken our relationship with a brand – and we usually tell everyone we know about those experiences. Today’s announcement takes customer service to the next level. By providing a seamless omni-channel experience for customers on the front end and all the tools agents need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively on the backend, companies can elevate and personalize the customer experience to a level that will make them stand out against competitors, boost sales and increase customer loyalty. Making a strong relationship between the customer and brand, not breaking it.

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