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It’s Do or Die Time for Mobile Engagement Strategies

In May 2015, Google introduced the concept of micro-moments—intent-driven moments of decision-making and preference-shaping that occur throughout the consumer journey.  Micro-moments occur when people instinctively turn to their mobile device to browse, research, resolve a problem, or buy something. These moments represent a massive opportunity for businesses to deliver differentiated customer experiences that delight mobile customers and earn their loyalty, advocacy and share of wallet.  So how are businesses doing?

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The BoldChat team recently conducted a global study to understand consumer’s expectations, experiences and disappointments when engaging with businesses through their mobile device.  Here’s what we found:

  • Desperately seeking assistance: Easy to find contact information for support ranked highest (44%) among the factors to ensure a good mobile experience. Sadly, more 72% of respondents abandoned a mobile experience in the last year because contact details were too difficult to find.
  • Exposed to competing offers: More than half of respondents use their mobile device to research a product or service before buying them. Yet 67% report they often leave the businesses website and use a search engine to get their questions answered. By doing so, the consumer is exposed to a host of competing offers.
  • Retail dollars at risk: Eighty-five percent of respondents are unlikely to do business with the same organization following a bad mobile experience. Only 47% of respondents are satisfied with their most recent mobile engagement with an online retailer, down from 60% in 2015.

So, what can you do better?

Understand what percent of your site traffic is using a mobile device and begin to track their journey to identify trends and behaviors. Maybe less than 10% is mobile and therefore your need for a mobile strategy is less pressing. But if you do find that your mobile visitor traffic is increasing year over year, take action.

  • Proactively support mobile customers. Identify areas within the customer journey where there is friction. Perhaps a majority of mobile site visitors bounce on your checkout page. Consider implementing a proactive chat rule to offer assistance to mobile visitors in this time of need.
  • Treat mobile differently. Consider routing mobile customers differently. They are on the go — so you need to act with urgency.
  • Be consistent. Deliver consistent experiences, regardless of the device or channel. Why offer live chat on your desktop browser and not in mobile app or mobile browser?

Effective mobile engagement can – and should — be a competitive differentiator for businesses. Yet many businesses simply view the device as an extension of their customer engagement strategy. By understanding the unique behaviors of your mobile customers you can better tailor the experience to their needs and proactively support customers through their journey.

To learn more about consumer expectations for effective mobile engagement, you can download BoldChat’s Effective Mobile Engagement Report, 2016.

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