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Taking CX to New Heights with the new Bold360 Suite

We live in an age where every touchpoint you have with a customer (or potential customers) impacts how that customer thinks about you and your business.  Brand reputations are on the line all day, every day.  One bad experience – even an isolated incident — can lead to loss of customer confidence that can hit your bottom line.

Creating a good customer experience isn’t just about quickly fixing problems when they arise (although that is a part of it) it’s more about creating a continuous relationship with your customers from the moment they land on your webpage or walk into your storefront.

It’s with this in mind that we are excited to introduce the new Bold360, AI-powered family of products!  Whether it’s aiding customers during purchase, helping customers answer questions in real-time, or empowering customer-facing employees to deliver consistent experiences — the new Bold360 helps businesses make the most of every moment — big or small — they have with their customers.

  • Bold360 ServiceThe Bold360 businesses know, love, and have been experiencing great results with. Helping companies support every customer across all channels and devices and delivering the best of AI and agent technology in one solution.
  • Bold360 AdviseSince digital contact center agents aren’t the only employees that impact customer experience, Bold360 Advise brings the power of AI to all customer-facing employees including care representatives, in-store associates and field teams removing the friction associated with finding and leveraging job-critical information. Armed with Bold360 Advise, employees can spend more time focusing on the customer and delivering a truly personalized and consistent experience.
  • Bold360 AcquireAnd because delivering an impactful experience should start the moment a customer engages with you – Bold360 Acquire (now in beta) uses conversational chatbots to proactively guide web visitors through personalized shopping experiences. Engaging at the right time with the most relevant information, accelerates product selection and addresses buyer questions in real-time. Customers get a shopping concierge, and businesses increase conversion and decrease cart abandonment.

This new suite, built on the flagship Bold360 technology, is designed to provide an AI-powered answer to the customer experience challenge brands are facing today.   Each are purpose-built to meet customers wherever they are in the journey and help deliver the types of experiences that result in long-term loyalty.

It’s a new era for customer experience so it only makes sense that we’d usher in a new era for Bold360.  Check out our official announcement and follow all the action on our social channels!

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