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Welcome Nanorep: 5 Questions with Paddy Srinivasan

Today we announced the acquisition of Nanorep, an innovative artificial intelligence and chatbot company in Israel.  Getting deeper into the AI market is incredibly exciting for LogMeIn and especially exciting for the Bold360 team.  As we continue our mission to empower companies to deliver more human, personalized and intelligent customer experience, Nanorep is going to help us quickly bolster our capabilities on the digital self-service side.   To get more insight into the Nanorep acquisition, I sat down with the General Manager of the Customer Engagement and Support business at LogMeIn, Paddy Srinivasan.

  1. First and foremost, tell us a bit about Nanorep. Nanorep is an innovative provider of self service, Virtual Assistants, and smart bot solutions for customer service and e-commerce. Through sophisticated AI capabilities and patented NLP technology, Nanorep creates ready-to-use, simple-to-deploy solutions that make self-service engaging and intuitive.  Ultimately, the technology from Nanorep takes AI up a notch to a place that is more human and conversational – improving the customer experience.
  2. What makes Nanorep so innovative?  While it may feel like AI and chatbot vendors are everywhere today, we believe that Nanorep is far ahead of their peers. They have an extremely powerful NLP core that they took and applied specifically to customer service.  Their technology has been tried and tested with big global brands using it for mission critical customer experience initiatives.  Additionally, they’ve taken a practical method to NLP and machine learning by using a supervised approach.  Nanorep is not looking to create a chatbot that will deflect every query.  Their technology is designed to answer some of the most repetitive queries based on previous history and customer context, but also has a powerful channeling engine that allows for graceful escalation to human agents.  They’ve created a conversational, intent oriented AI technology that complements the human agent.  It’s the best of both worlds.
  3. How does Nanorep help complete the Bold360 vision?  Our customer engagement vision is comprised of three main parts.  First, we want to provide a world-class omni-channel engagement solution – and we are well on our way there.   We started out as a live chat provider, but have quickly transformed into a leading omni-channel solution with the addition of social media, video chat and remote support.  The second is providing a 360-degree view of the end customer.  The launch of Bold360 earlier this year is a big first step.  The third is embracing automation in everything we do.  Not just leveraging it to make the agents smart, but also putting that power in the hands of end-customers for self-service.  Before Nanorep, we were taking small steps on this one.  We have intelligent auto-answers today and started looking at how we can make that even more powerful.  When Nanorep came up as a possibility, we realized that we could really shorten our “time-to-vision” with highly complementary, battle-ground tested technology.
  4. How do you see Nanorep fitting into the LogMeIn CES portfolio in the near and long term? In the near term, Nanorep will continue to be sold as a standalone solution as part of our customer engagement and support product line.  Going into next year, we expect the powers of Nanorep to be deployed across other products in our CES portfolio.  In the longer term, having Nanorep as part of the LogMeIn family provides a natural path for us to leverage that technology even more broadly.
  5. What makes you the most excited about the Nanorep deal? Outside of how well Nanorep is going to complement our products and help accelerate our vision, I’m personally excited to work closely with entrepreneurs again.  The Nanorep team is filled with an energizing spirit that thrives on new ideas and innovation.  We are all excited to tap into that and work together to shape the future of customer engagement.

For more information on the Nanorep acquisition, please check out the official announcement here and stay tuned for more news in the coming months.



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