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5 Customer Support Issues You Could Have Handled with Self-Service 

We talk a lot about how self-service solutions can handle routine, repetitive customer questions, and free up your agents for more complicated, high-value customer issues. But what kinds of questions are we talking about, exactly?

Below are five examples of routine questions that the right kind of self-service solution can handle. And by “the right kind” we mean a chatbot with Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities that can quickly and accurately recognize customer intent and context, rather than reacting only to very specific phrases and keywords that customers may or may not use.

Not only will your agents thank you (answering the same boring, basic questions isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of a rewarding job); your customers will, too. Most of them would rather self-serve instead of taking time out of their day to make a phone call or wait in a long chat queue, but they aren’t given the option. You can be the company that does—and stand out from your competitors.

There’s no need to waste your agents’ valuable time on questions like these:

Basic questions about your business.

We’re talking questions like “Where do you ship to?” “Where are you located?” and “What are your store hours?” And yes, you most likely feature this information pretty prominently on your website, but some customers would rather just ask than hunt themselves, especially if it’s one of several questions they have.

Simple product questions

In-depth questions about products, like specific features, or advice on which product to choose, are best handled by customer service agents. But straight-up product questions like “How much does X product cost?” or “Does X product come with a warranty?” are totally something a chatbot with natural language processing capabilities can handle.

Typical account questions

This is the stuff of customer service agent burnout—those routine account questions that come up hour after hour after hour after…you get the picture. Even customers don’t particularly love having to track down these answers, but they come with the e-business territory: How to reset their password, how to log into their account, how many rewards points they have. Liberate your agents and make chatbots do the work. They’re more than capable.

Common ordering questions

If you’ve ever bought anything online, you know how important it is to be able to find out how to view recent orders or track delivery. An order that never showed up is also something you want to get squared away ASAP. A chatbot can help customers with these simple but critical issues immediately and escalate to a human agent if needed.

Garden variety billing inquiries.

Customers want to make sure they’ve got their billing and payment ducks in a row, and we’re guessing you appreciate it too. You can use a self-service solution to easy address customer questions about how to get a refund, what their account balance or credit is, where to make online payments, and how to set up auto payments.

Ready to implement a self-service solution that frees your agents from the daily grind of routine questions and delivers a better experience for your customers? Just like a great chatbot (but way better looking, of course) we’re ready and willing to help.  

Visit our webpage to learn more about Bold360’s self-service solution. 

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