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9 Examples of Good Customer Service Experience & What You Can Learn From It

Delivering good customer service is some of the best marketing that your company can do. Study after study reveals that your customers love sharing their experiences with their friends and family. In fact, according to Internet Retailer, happy customers who get their issues resolved tell about 4 – 6 people about their positive experience with your company.

Why Does Good Customer Service Experience Matter

Friends telling friends about their personal customer service experiences is not the only way word gets around anymore. Thanks to the internet and social media, word of mouth has changed dramatically and we routinely see small town stories becoming national headlines overnight. There have been many shared events and even staged marketing campaigns displaying excellent customer service examples, and responses have been amazing for the companies involved. Whether they are marketing campaigns or individual examples of great customer service, it seems clear that people love being witness to a good customer experience story. People share these moments, generating excellent publicity for the companies, which benefits them both in reputation and in customer loyalty.

Therefore, we’ve decided to share some inspiring customer service stories with you. Some of them were staged campaigns and some individual acts of great customer service. Take a cue from these brands and deliver unforgettable customer service that will make your customers your company’s biggest advocates.

As 2016 draws to a close, we’re all busy making projections and goals for the new year. Keeping track of the winning trends and what successful companies are planning for the year ahead is one way to hone your perfect customer service strategy. Take a look at these examples of good customer service experiences and how to learn from them to get your customers talking in 2017.

1. Laura Ashley Proves the Power of Personalization in Customer Service

Personalization is a trend which isn’t going anywhere any time soon. 66% of customers expect you to know their personal information and service history when they reach out for support.
Sometimes companies might feel like they don’t have enough data to delight their customers with personalization. But even if it’s the first time your customer has shopped with you, there are ways to impress.
Laura Ashley took this opportunity and made one customers day. They took note of the bedding she had ordered, and included a pair of comfy lounging socks to go alongside.

Laura Ashley customer service example

Making sure that all branches of the company have centralized information means that in this case customer service was able to liaise with the business to agree to include this extra treat with delivery, complete with a personalized note.

Lesson Learned:
Find ways to thank your customers and encourage them to become brand ambassadors for your business. Loyalty schemes and money off vouchers have proven success rates. If you can find ways to include personalization? Even better.

2. Samsung Turns Every Customer Interaction into a Win

While freebies are always likely to impress, the following story from Samsung Canada shows how you can be personable and make a great impression without giving anything away, or even while you’re refusing a customer request. When Shane cheekily used Facebook to ask for a free Samsung Galaxy S3, he included a fun and whimsical drawing of a dragon.

Samsung Facebook Customer Service Example

While the rep from Samsung had to politely refuse his request, they continued the fun with a drawing of their own in return, a kangaroo on a unicycle.

Samsung Customer Service Facebook Response

Not only have Samsung kept a happy customer, but after the interaction went viral, they followed it up months later with a customized phone for Shane, designed with his dragon drawing of course.

Lesson Learned:
Every customer interaction can be turned into a win, even the negative ones. Creating an experience your customer wants to share far and wide means showing them the human side of your company, and thinking outside the box.

3. Tommee Tippee UK Listens to Customers and Reaches Thousands More

The power of a viral campaign has never been greater, with customer service being coined the latest spectator sport. Conversations between employees and customers often take place live on social media, or can easily be screenshot from mobile devices at lunchtime and be shared globally before you hit the sheets that night.

One awesome story of the good that social media alongside great customer service can do is #cupsforBen. This campaign was created by the father of 14 year old Ben Carter, who has severe Autism. Ben needed a replacement for the only cup which would encourage him to drink. Without this cup, he would refuse any liquid, even to the point of dehydration and hospitalization.

Tommee Tippee UK twitter customer service example

After hundreds of thousands of shares, retweets, likes and shout outs, Tommee Tippee announced they would be creating a limited run of 500 of the discontinued cups, especially for Ben.

Lesson Learned:
Social media should be a telephone, not a megaphone. It’s not just there to get your message out, make sure to listen to what your customers are saying as well.

4. TigerDirect’s Public Customer Service Fail Draws the Wrong Kind of Attention

As businesses, we can learn just as much from the customer service stories which missed the mark this year. Corbin Smith live tweeted his horrendous customer service story with TigerDirect. Calling to address a mistake on the part of the company, he was already less than pleased when he dialed customer support.

He was put on hold for over 8 hours before his call was disconnected entirely. In that time, he live tweeted his day, where he had a number of business meetings, cooked and devoured an entire pizza, and even started his own crowdfunding campaign to see him through the sit in.

TigerDirect Example of Bad Customer Service Story

Unfortunately, while TigerDirect has since apologized Corbin knows that he isn’t the only customer who deals with this kind of “frustration and hopelessness, especially during the holiday season.”

Lesson Learned: The #1 pet peeve for customers is being made to wait on hold. Why not consider live chat directly from your website, or a call back service to make customer support effortless?

5. Casper Harnesses AI for a Fun CX – and Gains Customer Information

Looking to the future in 2017, there are some exciting new trends in customer service technology. One incredibly fun example is Insomnobot3000. This chatbot has been created by sleep specialists Casper. The company sells mattresses and other sleep related products, and even host a yearly sleep symposium on how to catch the best 40 winks.

Insomnobot is a free chatbot who is only awake between the hours of 11pm and 5am. Smart and funny, he ate too much pizza and has binge watched Stranger Things on Netflix. He is super happy to have someone to keep him company during those long wakeful hours.

Casper Insomnobot3000 Customer Service Example

Simply text Insomnobot3000 from your mobile phone with whatever’s on your mind, and get some sage advice or at least commiserations! He will even sometimes spark up conversation himself, so you don’t feel like the relationship is too one-sided, y’know.

Clever and shareable, this approach also gives Casper a whole bank of mobile numbers to send promotions and information to. As 75% of consumers look more favourably on a brand which is proactive in sending offers and notifications, this is smart in more ways than one.

Lesson Learned: Rather than simply ask your visitors to provide data, think of clever and innovative ways to find out more about your customers. If you aren’t talking about AI for your business, perhaps you should be.

6. TD Marketing Campaign Proves the Value of Good Customer Service

TDCanada created one of the most memorable advertising campaigns in years when it launched the “#TDThanksYou” campaign. The entire campaign surrounded elaborate plans by the bank to surprise longtime customers with acts of kindness as way of showing their appreciation for all the years of loyalty. From turning the bank into a nostalgic and heartfelt trip down “Memory Lane” to handing out surprise gifts from a special ATM, TDCanada got their message across to not only those who were on the receiving end of these kind gestures, but to the millions who watched these campaigns. They were fun to watch and it resonated strongly that TD Canada cares about their customers and are dedicated to building relationships over the long term. The campaign received tens of millions of views and is a great example of how good customer service stories can be the basis of an effective marketing campaign.

“Since day one, we’ve been there through some of life’s biggest moments. To say thank you, we turned a trip to the bank into a journey through our years together.”

Lesson learned: Customers want to feel like the companies they interact with know them and appreciate their business. It strengthens consumer confidence, builds brand loyalty, and it makes for a great marketing campaign!

7. West Jet Elaborate Stunt Still Resonates with Customer Service

In another marketing campaign, and one that embodies the holiday spirit, West Jet decided to perform a “Christmas Miracle”.

In December of 2013, the company set out to surprise passengers aboard two flights heading to Calgary. While checking in for the flight, passengers were directed to an electronic check in counter featuring a WestJet Santa videocasted on the monitor. Prompted to make Christmas wishes, each of the passengers made a request until all 250 passengers made the gift list. While the flight was in air, teams of WestJet volunteers rushed out to stores in and around Calgary International Airport, purchased, wrapped, and labeled each of the requested items. As the passengers eventually arrived in Calgary, they headed towards the baggage claim, where they expected to receive their luggage. Instead, they were met with all of the gifts they had requested prior to their flight.

By capturing this moment and the tearful reactions of the passengers who were the focus of this wonderful gesture, WestJet firmly established themselves as a company who cares and as a leader in customer service. The video has since been viewed nearly 45 Million times, reinforcing customer loyalty, and making a lot of customers very happy. Watch how the whole thing unfolded in this video.

Lesson learned: Kind gestures show customers that your business has a human side. It’s a great way to build trust in your brand and, if you have a strong marketing team behind it, develop brand awareness.

8. Customer Service that Goes the Extra Mile

Flying can be fun and exciting, yet also excruciatingly stressful. The Airport Fast Park at Baltimore Washington International Airport is inspiring because they make it their business to add ease to the customer experience for travelers. When you enter the lot, you are immediately greeted by an attendant who escorts you to an available parking spot. The shuttle then meets you at your car and the driver helps load your luggage – even with an umbrella if necessary!

This definitely has impacted the customer experience for air travelers. Don’t just take our word for it, go on and peruse the 4 and 5 star ratings they have on Yelp. See, happy customers do share!

Lesson learned: Adding ease to the customer service experience, whether online or offline makes happy customers and is good for business.

9. The Tweet that Brought the Eats

This next story is inspiring not only for the remarkably quick response, but it will inspire your taste buds as well. Businesses know that manning social media is crucial to deliver excellent customer service in this instant, omni-channel worldMorton’s Steakhouse is a company that  not only proved that they are on top of their Twitter game, but they went the extra mile to deliver superb service and a stellar PR opp.

When customer service consultant, author and noted speaker, Peter Shankman was preparing to board a flight, he suddenly realized he was famished and was going to be starving once he landed. Shankman sent out a clever tweet to Morton’s, one of his favorite restaurants asking for a steak delivery when he lands.   Morton’s staff drove 23 miles to the airport to greet him with a full meal, see Peter’s shocked expression below:

Mortons Twitter customer service example

This unforgettable stunt may not be practical for your business. But sometimes, a little investment in an extraordinary experience can pay dividends for your business.

Lesson learned: Diligent customer service coverage on social media is not only mandatory these days, but can also present unique opportunities to stand out from the crowd.

What Can We Learn From These Good Customer Service Examples?

These customer service examples are not the everyday, standard experiences required to retain customers for life. However, they are inspiring and remind us all of the power of good customer service.

Learn how to be there for the modern day “everywhere customer” through self-service technology that also empowers your live agents to give the personal touch to the customers who truly need it.

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