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50 Billion Reasons to Add Messaging to Your CX Strategy

It’s 8:00 p.m. Do you know where your customers are? Hint: They’re on messaging apps.

Every month, billions of people engage on messaging applications:

  • 6 billion on WhatsApp
  • 3 billion on Facebook Messenger
  • 1 billion on WeChat

Messaging is the new conversational currency. Around the world, people send more than 50 billion messages each day to communicate with one another.

Next time you’re out and about, look at how people are using their mobile devices. Ironically, most of us are not using our phones as a phone. Our eyes are locked on screens and our thumbs are flying. Messaging is often more convenient than calling and less disruptive to our day.

Yet when it comes to engaging with businesses, most consumers are forced to reach out by phone or email. These channels have their place are a good choice for complex situations. But for quick, simple queries, they’re not ideal. If it’s so easy to send a quick message to friends and family, shouldn’t it be just as easy to communicate with a business you buy from?

The answer is yes. And your customers are asking for it.

85% of people want to be able to send and receive messages from a business. And 41% of millennials say that they would be truly satisfied if they could use messaging or SMS texting to connect with businesses. So, consumers, especially on the younger side, already want to do this.

Turns out, adopting messaging is good for business too. Messaging apps cost $1 per interaction compared to $6-$15 per phone interaction. And brands that have adopted messaging channels achieve 25% greater annual revenue growth compared to peers not using messaging. So, giving your customers this option can have a meaningful impact to your bottom line.

It’s definitely time to think about adding the most popular messaging channels to your customer engagement strategy, and Bold360 is helping businesses engage with customers over WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and SMS text messaging. With Bold360, you can meet your customers on the channels they prefer with fully integrated chatbot and live agent support. By offering the optimal type of engagement for the issue at hand, your customers can get to the point and get back to their daily lives faster – flying thumbs and all.

To learn more about Bold360’s messaging capabilities, register for our webinar: The Rise of Messaging Channels & Their Effect on Your Customer Engagement Strategy

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