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Building a Customer Engagement Strategy That Counts

It’s no surprise that how an organization chooses to communicate with its customers and prospects has a significant impact on the overall customer experience. Companies that provide the type of experience consumers are demanding (think: intelligent, always-on and personal) reap the rewards of lower costs, higher revenue, happier customers and agents, and a leg up on the competition. In fact, 85% of businesses view customer experience as a competitive differentiator.

And while so many companies are starting to appreciate the impact customer experience has on a business, customer engagement strategies are not evolving with this thinking and are falling woefully short of meeting customer expectations. What’s worse is that many of these companies don’t even know how they’re doing or what they can do to improve.

As the old saying goes, “knowing is half the battle.” So, to fill this gap, LogMeIn’s Bold360 team worked with Forrester Consulting to develop a Customer Engagement Maturity Model to shed light on the state of customer engagement and support today. Based on more than 450 surveys of mid-to-large size B2C organizations across a variety of industries, this model serves as a free, interactive tool to help businesses understand their current state of maturity, identify gaps, and define a strategy for optimization.

An organization’s customer engagement and support practices are evaluated across four areas: Process, Organization, Strategy and Technology to establish its customer engagement maturity index. Then, based on an organization’s maturity score, they are categorized into one of four profiles:

  • Experimenters – primary engagement goal is post-purchase support and/or driving conversions
  • Evolutionists – looking beyond traditional support and focusing on strengthening the customer experience
  • Enthusiasts – shifting to support the entire customer journey
  • Experts – supporting the customer through all stages of their journey

Lastly, companies are given recommendations for how to improve and reach their business goals.

Interested in learning more about the Customer Engagement Maturity Model and where your organization stacks up? Register for our upcoming webinar: Maximizing Customer Engagement for Maximum Revenue Growth.

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