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Customer Experience Nirvana: The Citrix Story

Last month I had the pleasure of sitting down with Patrick Quinlan, Senior Manager for Self-Service and Analytics at Citrix. We discussed a challenge facing many organizations I have met with:  How can you increase call deflection while giving customers a better experience AND solve their problems in a more efficient way?

We hear again and again that customers want fast answers to their problems. They want to be able to self-serve rather than pick up the phone, especially for more routine issues. They also want to be able to solve their problems at any time of day – not just when a call center is open. In reality, most organizations fail to provide an easy and efficient way for customers to help themselves.  This results in customers being forced to call into help centers and/or open tickets.

Citrix, a digital workspace software organization, was addressing approximately 200,000 customer services cases per year. Although some of these cases required a live support agent for help, the majority were from non-technical users asking repetitive and simple questions like, “how do I login,” or “how do I download xyz.” Anyone who uses their product, even as an end recipient, can call into their support center. The result was a growing backlog and increasing time to close, impacting their NPS.

The only option available for Citrix users to get product support was to call into a live agent. With millions of users across hundreds of thousands of organizations, Patrick needed to figure out a way to automate these repetitive questions that were taking up too much of their agent’s time.  Hiring additional agents was not going to be scalable. They also needed to deliver a better overall experience for their customers.

The solution? A chatbot.

Citrix saw results immediately. The bot received over 6,000 inquiries within the first month of deployment with a 17% deflection rate. And that was just the beginning of their customer experience success.

Check out Patrick’s on-demand webinar to hear more about his story, his recommendations for getting started, and what’s on the roadmap for Citrix.


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