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The Customer Experience Transformation: Are You Set Up for Success?

Customer experience is undergoing a transformation. A big one. Today’s customers expect personalized, seamless interactions across any and all engagement channels at any time, day or night. These expectations are driving a huge shift in how companies – across industries – need to start looking at customer experience. In fact, organizations with the most mature customer experience strategy were 30% more likely to report double digit revenue growth than their less advanced peers. As CX continues to become a competitive differentiator for companies across industries, knowing how ready your organization is for this revolution can be the difference between missed targets and long-term growth.

Moving to a customer-driven CX strategy is easier said than done. Companies are responding in different ways, and investments and priorities sit on a spectrum. To learn more about how companies are handling this customer experience transformation, we worked with Forrester Consulting to field a global survey of different customer engagement strategies, investments, priorities and the business results they delivered. The result was a maturity model that helps companies understand where they are and provides actionable steps they can take to move to the next level.

So what did we find? After surveying nearly 500 relevant decision makers, companies generally fall into one of 4 distinct profiles ranging from those just starting out to those with a fully mature customer-focused process. Each profile consists of a different blend of strategy, process, people, and technology to reach their customer engagement goals. More telling, the distinctions between each profile often determined which companies could reliably gain and keep business.

Based on the results, we created the Customer Engagement Assessment Tool to help organizations understand their profile and the unique challenges and opportunities facing them in this new landscape.  This assessment asks the same questions about strategy, people, process and technology and then compares your company’s results against the four profiles. After aligning to a profile, you will reveal the steps needed to continue innovating and driving quantifiable results.

Take the Customer Engagement Assessment  to find out how your team compares to others in the industry.

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