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Leading by Example: Great Customer Service Moments

Great customer service is some of the most effective marketing your company can do. Study after study shows that people love sharing good customer experiences with their friends and family. In fact, according to Internet Retailer, happy customers who get their issues resolved tell about 4 to 6 people about their positive experience.

And thanks to social media, stories of great customer service can become national headlines overnight. There’s something about a good customer service story that people seem to love, especially if it’s moving, inspiring, funny or unexpected. When people share these moments, it’s a big publicity win for the companies involved—one that strengthen their reputation and boosts customer loyalty.

Here are some of our favorite great customer experience stories, featuring a standout employee, social media savvy, and one hilarious live chat exchange. Take a cue from these brands and deliver unforgettable service that will turn your customers into your company’s biggest advocates.

  1. Southwest Airlines Makes an Important Connection

Southwest Airlines is well known for its culture of customer service. A recent example was the Southwest employee who went the extra mile when a passenger’s bag, which contained medication, a rosary, and a lucky t-shirt that the passenger planned to take to her chemotherapy appointment the next day, went missing. The passenger reported the missing bag to a customer service agent who not only tracked down the bag and made sure it was delivered first thing the next morning, but enclosed a personal note wishing the passenger all the best in her cancer treatment.

The Takeaway: Kind gestures show customers that your business has a human side, building trust and brand loyalty and casting your company and its employees in a positive light.


  1. Tommee Tippee UK Listens to Customers and Reaches Thousands More

Conversations between companies and customers today often take place live on social media. In some cases, these interactions can have a profound impact on people’s lives. That was the case with #cupsforBen, a campaign created by the father of 14-year-old Ben Carter, who has severe Autism. Ben needed a replacement for the only cup that encouraged him to drink, which had been discontinued by Tommee Tippee. Without it he risked dehydration and even hospitalization. After hundreds of thousands of shares, retweets, likes and mentions of Ben’s father’s tweets, Tommee Tippee announced they would be creating a limited run of 500 of the discontinued cups, especially for Ben.

The Takeaway:
Social media should be a telephone, not a megaphone. Be sure to listen to what your customers are saying on social media, not just using it to get your own message out.

  1. Netflix Makes Live Chat as Memorable as it is Helpful

If your company uses live chat, or is thinking about it, take a page from the Netflix agent who turned routine request into a fun and memorable interaction with the customer. The agent set the tone with a playful greeting in which he identified himself as Captain Mike of the Good Ship Netflix—and the customer played along. The result was an exchange that left the customer both satisfied and entertained, and quickly went viral.

The Takeaway: Establishing a strong brand tone for live chat and empowering representatives to go off script (and even have a little fun along the way) can pay dividends.

The customer service examples above may not be your standard, everyday ways to satisfy and retain customers. But they remind us of the power of great service. Learn how to be there for today’s “everywhere customers” with technology that empowers your agents to deliver experiences that win customers for life.

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