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CXNext Live: Top 5 CX Books That’ll Transform Your Customer Experience

December is official upon us, and as I write this from our Boston, Massachusetts office it certainly feels like the first month of winter.  But cold temperatures and a sleety, snowy mixture that fell outside this week aren’t the only telltale signs that it is the final month of the year.  We’re reminded that another trademark December event is here from the emails in our inbox claiming “the best deals on gifts” to the lights strung on homes that glow at night.  We have officially entered the holiday season.

The holiday season is great.  It is a time of giving and receiving.  It is a time of reuniting with family and friends to celebrate together and reflect on the year that has past.  It is also a time that often sends us in planes, trains, and automobiles – traveling to visit family and friends, that we only get to see during this special time of year.

Whether your December is filled with cold weather, holiday travel, or a little bit of both – the one thing that can help break up those cold days or long car/plane/train rides is settling down with a good book.   But with so many options to choose from, how can you pick the right one?

Well, the Bold360 team is here to help! Chris Savio and I have put together our top 5 Customer Experience (CX) books that will transform your customer experience.  You might be wondering why you should be reading about CX?  As customer expectations continue to grow, businesses (no matter if they are in retail, financial services, etc.) can either thrive or fail based on customer experiences.

Whether you are new to the CX arena, or you are familiar with CX and interested in looking at this topic from a new lens, these books provide a way to grow your knowledge.  Below, I’ve broken out the key points that put these books on our reading list, so you can decide which title is right for you!

  1. Strategic Customer Service: Managing the Customer Experience to Increase Positive Word of Mouth, Build Loyalty, and Maximize Profits by John Goodman
    • Great for helping to build the business case for investing in customer service and customer experience
    • Wholistic view of CX
    • B2B and B2C focus
    • Marries real world examples with tangible takeaways
  1. Winning Her Business: How to Transform the Customer Experience for the World’s Most Powerful Consumers by Bridget Brennan
    • Women drive “70 to 80 percent of consumer spending” but this market is under served
    • Helps reader understand how to build a CX that fits this growing buyer, in an actionable way
    • Provides examples of brands that have succeeded in capturing this market and lessons learned 
  1. The Age of Intent: Using Artificial Intelligence to Deliver a Superior Customer Experience by P.V. Kannan and John Bernoff
    • Blueprint book
    • Tackles the right and wrong way to deploy AI
    • Strong focus on the CX impact of AI and not the cost savings or job reduction
    • Good selection of varying Case Studies of AI implementations
  1. Delivering Fantastic Customer Experience: How to Turn Customer Satisfaction Into Customer Relationships by Daniel Lafrenière
    • Quick read
    • Introduces the idea of “B2Me” and a more personalized brand approach
    • Provides 10 practical ways to improve customer experience
  1. Happy Employees Make Happy Customers: How Build Great Employee Engagement to Create a Great Customer Experience by Colin Shaw
    • Great foundation for the importance of optimizing for employee happiness and experience
    • Discussion on the right approach to hiring
    • Examples of companies investing in EX the well, and poorly.

In our latest #CXNextLive video to hear Chris and myself discuss further what we like about each of these books (LINK: and let us know your thoughts as you read through them!

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