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Unwrapping the Habits of Holiday Shoppers

It’s that time of year.  Holiday shopping season is in full swing. With mere days left before Christmas, we wanted to understand how the most frequent and savvy online shoppers were approaching holiday shopping this year.   Of the 1,000+ consumers we surveyed, we found that 71% of consumers will do more than half of their holiday shopping online.  But of course, even with the convenience of online shopping (86% say it’s easier than going to the store), it’s still a stressful time of year.  Most consumers cited how much they are spending as their biggest cause of stress, but not far behind were areas like finding something for the hard to buy for person and not being able to find what I’m looking for.  If they do have to engage with a brand (for holiday purchases or otherwise), customers want three things:  1.) to get their query answered quickly 2.) to be able to engage 24/7 and 3.) get questions answers without having to speak to anyone.

That was an interesting finding.  Despite having lots of holiday cheer to share, frequent consumers don’t want to talk to customer service agents if they don’t have to.  Here’s what else we found:



The insights of these consumers told us a few things about today’s customer experience.  Amazon remains the king of online retail, consumers prefer digital channels of engagement to traditional channels like phone, AI-enabled assistance is growing on the savviest of consumers and proactive customer service is the next frontier.   We also learned that while companies are doing a sufficient job with customer engagement, for now, there is an opportunity for companies to create a competitive advantage by providing exceptional customer experiences.

This study focused on frequent shoppers, amplifying why brands should take notice.  These are the consumers that will really move the needle for you all year long.  Understanding who they are and how they prefer to engage and optimizing a customer experience strategy around those areas will help ensure the loyalty of these consumers throughout the holidays and beyond!

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