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5 Tactics to Increase Customer Engagement

Competition is fierce. It’s hard to stand out based on products or services alone, so customer experience is often the deciding factor. All things being equal, if a customer has a better experience with your company, that’s the one they’re likely to pick.

But how do you get there? A big part of customer experience is how you engage with them. Did you know that experts in customer engagement are:

  • 30% more likely to report double-digit growth
  • 29% more likely to report increased order size
  • 16% more likely to report increased conversions

Source: Forrester, Build Competitive Advantage Through Customer Engagement and AI, Feb 2019.

So getting better at customer engagement pays off. Here are 5 tactics you can start using today to increase customer engagement.

  1. Speak your customers’ language

The first step is to understand what your customers are asking, and how. Are they asking support, product, or sales questions? Are the questions simple or more complicated, requiring follow up? And how do they speak about your products?

Knowing that, you can identify any gaps between what you’re saying and what they want to hear. A lot of companies talk about products one way, but that doesn’t match up with how their customers are talking, and so there may be missed opportunities there. The complexity of questions and how satisfied customers are with answers can help you determine where you can use AI for self-service or a live person. And consider if any gaps are due to lack of agent knowledge or available content. It could point you to where you need to improve your internal and external knowledge base.


  1. Create content based on your customers’ needs

Content strategy isn’t just for marketers. If you are focusing on a customer engagement strategy, it’s crucial your content is tailored to your customers’ needs and desires. Now that you have a better understanding of how your customer speaks and what they want to know, let that fuel the content you create.

Consider what type of content your customers prefer. Do they like how-to videos or step-by-step guides? Snackable or long-form content? And consider your customer persona. Are they technical or non-technical? You may be able to dig deeper than “how can I help you” content with targeted content based on what you know about the user.


  1. Provide a personalized experience

Now let’s talk about how you deliver that content. There’s a lot of buzz about personalization, but how do you get there? AI and other technology can pull customer data from your CRM, like names and past history. But even if you don’t have full information, you can still to provide some level of customization.

Here are four ways:

  • Proactive Engagement – If you’re not reaching out to visitors at moments of friction, you’re losing out on opportunities to turn these prospects into customers.
  • Informative/Relevant – Harness data from AI to have a much more focused conversations with customers.
  • Timely – Customers don’t want to be bombarded with content, but they also don’t want to wait around for help. AI can help you find the sweet spot.
  • Rich content – If you’re falling behind in customer engagement no matter how many tactics you try, go back to your content and ensure it’s connecting with your customers.


  1. Deliver support where your customers want it

It’s best to let your customers call the shots when deciding how to reach out for help. Look for areas where customers are getting stuck and target your content to help them move forward. And give them choices on how they can resolve issues fast.

Be where your customers want to be with omni-channel engagement.

  • Live chat – A tightly integrated between bots and humans offers seamless escalations.
  • Email – It may not be instant, but 65% of consumers said email is their preferred way to communicate.
  • Social Media – Brands that interact with customers on social media are a part of their everyday lives.
  • SMS – Multiple numbers let you keep things like coupon codes and order tracking separate.
  • Video ­– Turn any live chat into a video session for visual demonstrations or consultations.

But remember, it’s not just about having multiple channels. Deliver a consistent experience across channels and future-proofing your engagement strategy with channel-agnostic AI technology.


  1. Keep a pulse on your customers

Customer engagement isn’t a one-time activity. It’s a process that requires knowing as much as possible about your customers as possible, which isn’t always easy. So what do you do?

Listen to the Voice of the Customer:

  • Be Direct – Speak directly to customers to help you understand their problems better.
  • Reviews and Forums – Look online wherever your customers tend to talk.
  • Request Feedback – Use forms or surveys to get a pulse check.
  • Data Driven Insights – Look into the data you have to see where there are gaps.


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