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Avoid These Scary Customer Experiences

I’m a big fan of scary movies. I like them because they give you a good thrill, bring you to a place you (hopefully) will never experience in reality, and when they are over you get to go back to your normal life…no harm, no foul. Scary customer service situations on the other hand, aren’t make believe. When a bad experience happens, there are real-world repercussions that can be downright frightening.

Here are a few scary CX situations that horrify customers:

Zombie Responses

When customers are interacting with support teams, they are hoping for a quick, contextual and effective solution to their question or issue. Attempting to resolve complex issues with canned responses can sometimes feel like you are interacting with a zombie. Instead of getting their problem resolved — the bot or untrained agent may be trying the same tactics over and over without any resolution. When using automated responses, make sure they are contextual and human. If they can’t solve the issue quickly, ensure a quick escalation to a human agent to provide that personal touch when needed.

Phantom Self Help

As AI technologies continue to mature, customer don’t always need to work with a human agent to get the help they need. Having non-existent or sparse front line support can frustrate customers and push them to move on to a competitor. Empowering customers to self-help whether through a chatbot, strong knowledge base or even something as easy as a comprehensive FAQ can keep customers from haunting the call center with frequent, easily fixed queries.

Multiple Personalities

We all love to pretend to be someone else on Halloween. Changing your personality for a day is fun — and psycho villains with multiple personalities are some of our favorite horror movie characters. Unfortunately, the same philosophy does not apply for your support organization. Customer want authentic and consistent support each and every time they engage with you. Whether that’s through social media, email, phone, live chat, chatbots, etc. , the level of support and how agents (or bots) respond must be aligned. Train your service organization on standard practices, conversation skills, and how to respond to queries in a way that is on brand and can help a customer quickly.

Support Filled With Tricks (Not Treats)

No one likes to be tricked …not even on Halloween. When customers engage with a support team, they want the interaction to go as seamlessly as possible and a resolution to come quickly. They don’t want to be transferred from agent to agent and they don’t want to repeat the issue over and over. Getting caught in this web can feel like a nightmare for customers and might spook you right out of business.

Set a clear escalation path in place up front to avoid trapping your customers. If self-help doesn’t solve their need, immediately escalate them to a human agent who can quickly solve their problem. Getting even the scariest issues solved shouldn’t be something of witchcraft.

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