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CXNext Live: 3 Resolutions to Evolve CX in 2020

A new year is a new opportunity to prioritize how you want to evolve your customer experience (CX).

To help narrow the field of possibilities, we sat down with someone who has a finger on the pulse of our customers and what they are looking to achieve in 2020, for episode 11 of CXNext Live.

Here are the top 3 resolutions that track with current trends and emerging technologies and can help you evolve your CX this year, as recommended by Ryan Cronin, Senior Customer Experience Manager on the Bold360 Customer Success team. Ryan helps our customers craft their CX, employ best practices, and consistently evolve their CX.

1.     Be more personal and thoughtful in how you engage your customers.

Here’s the thing: Google is already offering the world a lot of information. The problem is, the user must sift through a ton of results to find relevant answers.

For brands investing in AI-powered solutions like chatbots and dynamic search bars, serving up a bunch of results won’t cut it. The opportunity here is differentiating against the Google experience by creating more personal and thoughtful engagements.

Personal: Customers don’t want to use a chatbot or dynamic search bar that has no inkling of what they’re looking for. If you are committed to improving CX in 2020, use AI technology to recognize where a customer is in the journey and prompt them with a proactive invitation, like:

·      “Do you need help?”

·      “I see that you’re struggling with (X). Let me offer up some ways to help.”

By understanding where your customers are in the customer journey at that moment, you can give them the right message at the right time.

Thoughtful: We hear from many organizations that they want AI to help write content. But at the same time, they don’t want to relinquish control of their branding.

AI can help target where answers are needed without missing the opportunity to create content in your brand voice in a way that reflects how you want to engage with your customers.

Think about how your agents engage with customers and give your chatbot or virtual assistant that same sort of personality and persona. For example, if your brand is laidback, make sure you’re engaging with your customers that way across the board. When customers transition from AI to a live agent, you can provide a seamless experience.

Also, be thoughtful about how your content appears visually. What will help your customers consume the content you have to offer? Maybe:

·      Concise answers

·      Visual carousels

·      Images

Present your content in a way that considers how your customers will best receive your message.

2.     Tell stories for greater impact.

It really resonates with me when I hear directly from a customer where they had success, where they had struggles, and what they ultimately had to overcome.

There’s an amazing opportunity for you (as an individual or an organization) to share all the work that you’re doing to improve the customer experience. Whether it be in a webinar, LinkedIn Live video, or a case study, sharing your story demonstrates how you’re prioritizing CX and being a catalyst for change.

The truth is, we’re all looking to collaborate. Everyone’s stories can tell both the good and the bad, and we can all learn from both. Be one of the leaders who shares what you’re doing to transform your CX and build better relationships in the process.

3.     Differentiate your CX with the latest technology.

We think 2020 is going to be a huge year for CX technology. Here are the two areas that we are particularly excited about:

Additional messaging channels: Increasing options means your customers can engage with you when they want, where they want. And it expands the conversation in a really consistent way.

But it has to be thoughtful. It’s not just about adding a messaging channel because you can. Really think about how you’re going to engage on that channel. And be sure that you can shift that conversation to another channel when needed and capture the data to build a better CX.

Increased harmony between AI and agents: Happy agents = happy customers. AI can help give agents the ability to work smarter, not harder.

The key is giving the agent greater insight into where the customer is in their journey. When a transition from a chatbot or virtual assistant takes place, the agent is fully informed and can pick up the conversation at the appropriate point.

Just offering a self-service bot may check the minimally required boxes off the list, but always be thinking about how to improve that experience over time. Using a tool that increases harmony between AI and agents is a great place to start.

Will you adopt any of these resolutions this year? For more ways to evolve your CX in 2020, be sure to watch the full conversation on CXNext Live: Kicking the Year Off Right: Our 2020 CX New Year’s Resolutions.

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