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CXNext Live: Planning for 2020? 3 Ways to Leverage AI Across the Customer Journey

Many organizations are in the throes of their 2020 planning process, considering what their goals are for next year and where should they prioritize efforts. And with all the buzz around Artificial Intelligence technology, it’s no surprise many companies are considering ways to incorporate AI to improve performance.

As you think about 2020 and beyond, consider these three areas where you can leverage AI across your customer’s journey.

Customer Acquisition

Driving revenue and improving customer acquisition is always top of mind. Whether your goal is to sell more to existing customers or acquire new customers, it’s critical to understand your customers’ behavior as they navigate your site, so you can serve up the most relevant information at the right time.

Thinking about the entire customer journey, consider the next best step once a customer is engaged, and provide them with the information or action that is most valuable to them at that moment. You don’t have to solve for every journey or scenario right out the gate – start by solving a specific, high impact problem. For example, if you have a complex or high value product offering, leverage a conversational chatbot to ask questions and provide the customer with recommendations for the right product to meet their needs.

Customer Service

Thinking about where to utilize AI for customer service can be overwhelming, but the key is to start small, tackle the low-hanging fruit first and expand from there. A great place to begin is leveraging a bot to answer existing FAQs, allowing customers to get answers 24/7 without requiring an agent.

Once you begin utilizing AI, you’ll have real data around what customers are asking and how often, then you can expand to drive additional value. For example, if you know your #1 inquiry is “Where is my order?” take it one step further by integrating the bot with your order management system to resolve those inquiries directly through self-service.

Contact Center

AI applications can go beyond customer use cases and be brought into the organization for agents and front-line employees. These use cases are often overlooked but can drive value quickly. There is so much knowledge and information within companies, but is it easily accessible?

Agents need to be able to find answers quickly to best support customers, regardless of the channel they’re supporting. During a chat conversation, AI can be used to proactively prompt the agent with relevant answers or content; while on the phone or answering tickets, an AI-powered knowledge base can be leveraged to provide the information they need at that moment.

What’s more, by providing consistent and extensible information – in the contact center but also at brick-and-mortar locations (e.g. retail store or hotel) – front-line employees are armed with the resources they need to provide the same customer experience across touchpoints.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to leveraging AI – the right strategy can be a lot of different approaches based on the problem you’re trying to solve, how your customers are engaging with you, and what your contact center landscape is. The important thing is to build upon your strategy as you go to design a journey for your customers – and agents – that is both extensible and scalable. Make it easy for them, meet them where they are, and make engagements contextual for that moment.

Check out our latest CXNext Live episode for more tactics on how you can incorporate AI in your 2020 strategy.

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