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Delivering the Omni-Channel Support Customers Want

You don’t need a Harvard MBA to know that great support and engagement not only differentiates your business—it leads to repeat purchases and revenue growth. The flip side is that a bad experience can lead to customer churn, a bad reputation, and ultimately, lower revenue.

Our latest study on omni-channel customer engagement (we partnered with the very intelligent people at Ovum), reveals that customers are putting far too much effort into resolving their issues and are having a hard time getting to an agent for the support they need.

Many either do the legwork themselves to problem solve, and some are willing to use newer approaches like Internet-connect products to get better service.

That’s not to say that contact center managers are turning a blind eye to the customer’s plight. They have taken inventory of their support areas and are prioritizing investments in digital channels like live chat and web self-service.

Mobile, as a device that supports a variety of channels and applications, is one area in which consumers and businesses alike have found common ground.  Consumers are far more likely to be on their mobile while seeking support and businesses are doubling-down on investments in this area.

Take a look at the infographic below for the highlights or download the full report for all the details.

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