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Flexibility is Key to Customer Engagement Success

A business’s ability to quickly adapt to the demands of their customers, market forces, and competition is key to success. The rapid advancement and adoption of technology causes disruption in many markets (think Uber in Transportation and Airbnb in Hotels), which creates fast-paced business environments where speed becomes more important. If technology is hindering, rather than assisting, a business’s ability to adapt and adjust, then it’s not fulfilling its main purpose.

The same holds true for live chat and customer engagement technology. A flexible solution helps businesses adjust their customer engagement strategy quickly, without spending significant time, money, and people resources. A rigid construct can lack the options or adjustable settings needed to make improvements on-the-fly, leaving a business stuck catching up to the competition.

You might be wondering how to identify a flexible customer engagement solution – here’s what you should look for:

APIs and Integrations

Many solutions have pre-built integrations to useful technology like Salesforce for CRM or Zendesk for ticketing. These out-of-the-box integrations can be useful for getting your solution up-and-running quickly and working seamlessly with your existing systems. However, a solution driven by open APIs is even more important.

API-driven technology is much more flexible, so as the business adapts, new systems can connect, existing connections can change, and old connections can be removed without starting over.

Testing Ability

Consistently delighting your customers is an important, but also a challenging and ever-changing task. As the market, customer behavior, competitors, and a business’s overall strategy changes, adjusting customer engagement tactics accordingly is important. Without testing appropriately, it’s difficult to try new approaches, track and analyze data, and improve results.

The best live chat solutions allow users to run multivariate tests to experiment with different chat windows, chat button placement, chat invitations, and much more. The experiments produce data that a business can analyze to decide which approach works best.


The look and feel of engagement solutions can have a significant impact on results. A chat button that appears disconnected from the website can deter visitors. Clunky chat windows may discourage shoppers from coming back to the site. A well-designed solution is flexible enough to allow businesses to tailor the chat window’s appearance to match their brand.

Some chat solutions enable businesses to design their own chat buttons and windows. Others restrict what’s adjustable and/or charge to make any significant changes.

Technology should be an accelerant for a business’s speed and ability to adapt. For live chat and omni-channel engagement solutions, the key to speed and adaptability is open and flexible technology that puts the business in control. With flexible technology, businesses can test strategies and adjust settings to continually improve results and move ahead of the competition.

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