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Getting Back to Giving Back

Today is Giving Tuesday, which honors the start of the holiday season by inspiring people to help others through volunteering and donations. It also kicks off one of the best and busiest times of year for nonprofits. The holiday influx of donor dollars, annual appeals going out the door, and vast number of charitable events drive a significant amount of activity and website traffic.

Arming a nonprofit’s staff to effectively manage this deluge helps make more effective use of limited resources and ensures all queries are being answered as efficiently as possible. Forging strong relationships with donors and volunteers can encourage sustained giving and participation for years to come.

Planned ParenthoodUNICEF, the YMCA, and Kars4Kids, are just a few of the nonprofit organizations who use live chat to effectively engage with and support their community.  If you’re a nonprofit curious to learn how chat can help your organization, here’s a look at a few benefits:

Mobile Fundraising

Just as mobile shopping continues to rise, so does the prevalence of mobile fundraising. Having the ability to engage with donors in a mobile environment is crucial, and not having a mobile presence that represents the nonprofit brand experience could mean leaving donor dollars on the table. Mobile users are “in the moment,” and if the experience isn’t seamless, they’re likely to abandon their donation and not revisit later. Giving donors the ability to live chat with an organization from their mobile devices, and capturing this information for future communications and fundraising initiatives, can reduce abandonment drive more personalized donor experiences across all channels.

Experience Matters

People give to nonprofits because they want to have a unique, positive impact on a cause that matters to them. The focus on maintaining an emotional connection with that cause is critical to sustained giving and support. A seamless and user-friendly process not only helps ensure these organizations don’t lose out on a potential giving opportunity but also helps the community focus on the things that matter most – the cause. Giving – whether it be time, goods or money – and support for those directly affected by the cause should always be as easy as possible to spur continued involvement.

Empower a Small Staff to Operate Like a Big One

While there are certainly a number of nonprofits that have the resources to support call centers chock full of employees and volunteers, it’s not realistic for every organization. Staffers are heavily tapped this time of year so looking for opportunities to offload simpler queries can make a huge difference. Something as simple as easy-to-find FAQs can handle quick questions, and tools like live chat can help staff members connect and track conversations with the community quickly and easily, saving time and reducing overhead. As a result, they can spend more of their time dedicated to the tasks that will truly help the mission of their organization.

Nonprofits are unique customer experience cases in many ways – from having fewer dollars to invest in staff and technological support solutions, to being heavily reliant on an emotional connection with their members, donors and volunteers. Despite these challenges, having a strong, positive experience will strengthen their ability to do all of the great things they set out to do.

Our hope is that our nonprofit customers, as well as the myriad of others we care so deeply about, see an outpouring of giving and are able build long lasting relationships with their communities this Giving Tuesday and beyond. If we can be a small part of that, we feel extremely honored.

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