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How to Incorporate New Channels of Engagement in Your Digital Strategy

I’ll be the first to admit I would rather text someone than pick up the phone. Of course, for special occasions like a birthday, if I have something long winded to say, or if I need an immediate answer, I’ll give someone a call. BUT, if I can avoid it, I do.

So, what makes texting appealing? It’s less of a commitment. I can send a text without needing myself or the text recipient to be available at that exact moment in time – because I don’t need an immediate response.  I can send a text on a loud crowded bus without having to worry about the person being able to hear me or be concerned that the other person is busy in a meeting etc.

I’m not alone when it comes to this preference. There has been a huge shift over recent years – and the shift has even affected businesses – who have taken an asynchronous approach when it comes to customer engagement.

Businesses have begun to offer asynchronous messaging as an avenue for customer engagement and support, whether its SMS like I mentioned, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, etc.

As a customer, I benefit from messaging channels that don’t require an immediate response because I can get support on my terms, where I want it and without disturbing my day. I can get help in the small break windows I have during the day vs. having to carve out time to pick up the phone. Maybe it’s while I’m waiting for my coffee to finish brewing, on the walk to my office, or the few minutes I have running between meetings in my office.

Organizations benefit from incorporating asynchronous messaging channels into the mix because their agents can handle multiple conversations at a time, which allows them to support more customers. They can also leverage messaging channels to offer discounts, give shipping updates, etc.

Tune in to CXNext Live to hear Ryan Lester, Senior Director of Product Marketing and Akhil Talwar, Director of Product Management at LogMeIn give other great examples of asynchronous messaging, how businesses can leverage it to improve their customer experience, and how to measure success.

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