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[INFOGRAPHIC] Mobile is Transforming Customer Engagement

CMobile Engagement Infographicustomers are engaging with businesses in more ways and on more devices than ever before, and businesses require robust customer engagement solutions to support those interactions. We conducted a global study of nearly 6,000 mobile device owners across ten countries to examine the current state of mobile engagement, customer expectations and preferences, and the differences between those shopping and those seeking support on their mobile device. We believe it is the most comprehensive piece of research ever done on the subject of effective mobile engagement.

Among the findings:  72% of consumers use mobile devices to shop or research products and services; ½ of them engage with companies in some way on their mobile device (i.e. email, chat, etc.); and, unfortunately, they are unsatisfied with their mobile experience more than 40% of the time.

You can get a full copy of the Effective Mobile Engagement research report, or get some quick highlights from the infographic.

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