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How to Make Customer Service Effort(less) Part 2


Welcome back.  In my previous blog post I discussed the friction points driving up customer effort and whether an omni-channel engagement strategy will help or hurt your customer effort score.  In today’s post I want to discuss why mobile makes the experience much harder.

Customer effort is felt most acutely in the mobile experience.

Customer effort is even more problematic when the consumer is on a mobile device.  Thanks to the explosive growth of smart phones and tablets, consumers expect brands to address their needs with real-time relevance. They are used to instant access to price comparisons, product information and peer reviews. The mobile consumer has a greater sense of urgency and is usually multi-tasking while on the go.

  • 53% of customers frequently use their mobile device to research products or services before making a purchase
  • 40% often or always contact companies from their mobile device – this is expected to grow to 44% next year – and 91% contact companies through mobile devices, at least occasionally
  • 28% use mobile to seek out technical support

And if you think the mobile experience doesn’t apply to your business, you’re crazy.  Today, more consumers call from the smartphone (58%) than a landline. And they are using their mobile device for more than calls.  83% of consumers use mobile applications for customer support and 64% use mobile websites, up 30% and 12%, respectively, since 2014.

What Contributes to Great Mobile Support and Less Customer Effort?

Providing your mobile consumers with seamless access to information and a mechanism for live agent support is critical. Leisure travel leader, Thomas Cook, is a great example to model. Here’s what they do well.

  • Omni-present contact option
  • Renders beautifully on any device and doesn’t take the visitor away from page
  • Integrated and seamless FAQ
  • One-click escalation to live engagement
  • Complete transparency for the agent and the consumer



Organizations that identify and remove friction points within the customer journey will reduce their CES. But don’t take my word for it, ask your customers what causes the most friction for them, and evaluate how an omni-channel and mobile engagement strategy can help you ultimately win the hearts and wallets of your connected customers.

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