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Making Every Customer Interaction Count

One of the biggest challenges for customer service professionals today is how to meet the consistently changing demands of customers. There is a revolution underway — with customers demanding that every experience be easy, seamless and delightful. And if brands fail to meet these requirements, they’ll take their business elsewhere.

In the past it was enough to provide customers with a support line and maybe some online content for self-help, but the landscape has changed drastically. Consumers want to interact in different ways (social, email, chat, etc.) and more than anything, require immediate outcomes.

So what’s a brand to do? Supporting a variety of engagement channels is certainly one way brands can reduce call volumes and improve satisfaction. An agent assigned to handle live chat interactions, for example, can handle multiple customer queries at one time — making it a much more efficient channel than phone. Another is a topic everyone is talking about lately: artificial intelligence.

AI is improving the customer experience both by helping customers self-serve and deliver consistent experiences across channels (think: chatbots) and also by working behind the scenes to enable agents to quickly answer questions and deliver personalized experiences. The outcome? More efficient support and happier customers.

The key for these companies is to find the perfect mix of agent and AI-assisted interactions based on both the customer and the issue/question. Not everything will be AI friendly and, at the same time, not everything requires a phone call with an agent. Finding that balance will help ensure you can deliver better outcomes in every customer interaction  leaving customers feeling good about the brand and hopefully turning those positive experiences into additional revenue dollars.

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