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SEA Consumers Spoke and We Are Listening

No one would ever question that consumers across South East Asia are savvy digital citizens, comfortable in using social media, SMS, email, live chat and more.

But while consumers have rapidly adopted new channels in their buying journey they can often run into stumbling blocks once they engage with the very businesses they want to buy from. These issues lead to potential loss of business and for three in four South East Asian consumers to turn their backs on an organisation entirely after one bad experience.

In late 2015, LogMeIn commissioned research and consultancy organisation, Fifth Quadrant, to survey more than 1,500 consumers across Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines to learn about their experiences with B2C organisations in IT services, retail with an online presence and telecommunications. Here is what we found out:

  1. First touch is more often online
    While some consumers continue to use traditional channels such as telephone and mail, the overwhelming majority engage via online, including social media, email and online chat. Just under half look to engage via these channels first. Online is also growing rapidly, with 31% of consumers increasing their use of these channels in the past 12 months.
  2. Connect Quickly and Easily
    While customers want to get their queries answered quickly, businesses may be inadvertently putting roadblocks in their way. Telephone, the traditional channel many organizations still rely on, forces consumers to seek a path through automated telephony trees. According to the study this is a significant driver of dissatisfaction along with wait-times to interact with a representative. Even once customers get to engage with a representative there is still the question of whether they are the right representative who can assist them with their enquiry. Well-trained representatives who are empowered to help customers are the heroes.
  3. Seamless experiences win
    How do you really impress your customers? Make sure that they have a seamless experience, regardless of the channels via which they engage. More than three quarters of consumers surveyed expect businesses to combine information collected from different interactions to provide a seamless service. Allow your representatives to see the whole customer picture: previous engagements, regardless of channel, and have information regarding the current query move with the consumer throughout the journey, across channels. This saves the customer repeating information and delivers greater satisfaction.

I regularly spend my days talking to business across Asia and there is a great desire in most of them to want to provide the best possible customer experience.  This survey, which focused specifically on the region, is not unlike other global studies we have conducted.  Across the board, customer experience is a value driver that increases satisfaction and creates customer loyalty.    Identifying these pain points with consumers helps us work together with our customers to create solutions that can help ease these frustrations and turn customer experience into a competitive differentiator.

Want to learn more about what the consumers told us? Download the full report here.

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