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AI IRL Podcast Episode 17: Understanding the Customer Engagement Maturity Model (Part 3)

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If you want a competitive edge that widens every year, it is time to upgrade your customer engagement maturity model.

This week we conclude our conversation with Ross Haskell and Amber Gregorio from LogMeIn’s Bold360 team about the Customer Engagement Maturity (CEM) Model Assessment they developed with Forrester Consulting.

As a reminder, the CEM helps organizations see where they stack up against nearly 500 other organizations around the globe.

You can find the amazing results of their research in their report Build Competitive Advantage Through Customer Engagement and AI.

“In order to be successful today, you have to be customer obsessed. Consumers are much less brand loyal and they’re not afraid to go to a competitor if they’re not blown away with the experience that you give them.” — Amber Gregorio

The Difference AI Makes

As discussed in previous episodes, the success gap between leaders and laggards continues to grow and emerging technologies like AI are accelerating this divide.   In fact, companies that leverage AI see an increase in revenue and conversation at double the rate of other companies.

There’s an opportunity for all companies leverage AI to improve the customer facing experience — both by helping customers on the front lines and behind the scenes assisting agents.  AI can capture insights from the customer and agent interactions — learning in real-time — and offer insights that can improve the customer experience with each and every engagement.

And while AI is not going to replace people, it can offload some of the more simple, repeatable tasks so that employees can focus on the customers that need them most — the situations that require complex thinking, empathy, and understanding.

Instead of answering the same 100 questions every day, agents can work on creating deeper customer relationships, delivering richer experiences, and creating better business outcomes overall.

“A lot of people bifurcate their thinking about AI as being robotic and anti-human. But really its purpose is exactly the opposite, to put in front of the humans the things that are really needed.” — Ross Haskell

Layering AI onto your organization is adding much needed eyes and ears to your company. It’s out there engaging in conversations with your customers, learning from all conversations and supporting agents on the back end.

It can help provide powerful self-service while also sounding the alarm when a human touch is required.

And that’s when a sale happens.

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