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AI IRL Podcast Episode 22: How AI Helps You Keep an Unbroken Interaction With Your Customer

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There was a time when all the transactions of companies and their buyers were episodic.

That time is past.

With the proliferation of so many digital touchpoints, you no longer have to wait in line to speak to someone from a company. You can get instantaneous feedback from social media, WhatsApp, etc.

It’s a challenge for companies to rise to that expected level of service.

How can you do it? I chatted with Paddy Srinivasan, SVP Products and General Manager at LogMeIn, about this.

Here’s what he had to say.

Engagement Never Quits

The cover story of this quarter’s Harvard Business Review was spot on when it talked about the notion of “continuous engagement.”

Companies simply can’t afford to be episodic in how they engage or support their customers anymore. The line between what consumers are expecting in their personal lives and what they expect from their business lives is almost nonexistent.

You have to get the interaction right every time. All it takes is for one broken interaction for that customer to walk out with a bad taste in their mouth forever.

If you don’t have the full context of your customers—how many times they’ve interacted with you, how many products of yours they own—you could lose them.

It’s a great opportunity for companies like ours to demystify AI and other tools that are going to help people deliver great experiences that rise to the challenge of today’s expectations.

Which reminds me…

AI Isn’t So Hard. We Can Prove It.

LogMeIn’s core heritage has been around demystifying complex technologies.

We have a core mission of building world-class products that help customers proactively and reactively engage with their employees or consumers. We want to help them establish a connect between those parties.

We try to make it actionable for companies to pursue strategies without having to deal with all the complexity of understanding technology, deploying it, and managing the whole infrastructure around it.

We’re trying to do the same with AI.

When you look at the AI landscape, it can be daunting. We thought the best way for customers to learn how easy it is to deliver value was to let them hear from their peers.

So we created an event: CXNext.

It’s a full-day summit we’re offering for a select group of leaders.

Yes, we’ll have thought leadership sessions. We’ve got speakers lined up from Fannie Mae, Johnson & Johnson, Orvis, Dyson, Razer, Telus, and more.

But more importantly, we’ll have a number of sessions where our customers will share their best practices. They’ll share their everyday obstacles and stories of how they’ve driven down new AI solutions in their organizations successfully.

Topics include:

  • Bringing Humanity Back to the Customer Experience
  • Avoiding the CX Mistakes of the Past
  • The Science of AI: Designing an Outside-In User Experience
  • CX That Rises Above the Rest: AI as a Competitive Advantage
  • Your Agents’ Secret Weapon: Leveraging AI to Boost Productivity

It should be compelling for new companies trying to embark on the AI journey for the first time.

Be sure to check out all the action coming out of CXNext this week!

This AI discussion with Paddy Srinivasan, SVP Products and General Manager at LogMeIn, was taken from our podcast. If you want more AI:In Real Life, check out our podcast on iTunes here.

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