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AI IRL Podcast Episode 33: AI or A-Try? What You Need to Know to Break Through the Hype

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People get excited about AI. But a lot of times, they get lost in the hype.

So, on the latest episode of AI:IRL, Guy Zipori joined me to talk through what’s hype and what’s reality. He also talked about some things we need to keep in mind when it comes to AI and how you can determine if AI is right for your business.

Guy is a serial entrepreneur on his third startup, Skyline AI. And with a background in tech, he’s been living in this world of big data, machine learning, and AI, through a number of generations of this tech.

He had a lot of great insights to share. So, let’s dive in.

AI vs. the AI-Try

A lot of companies classify themselves as AI startups.

But that should give us a bit of pause.

AI, deep learning, and machine learning — companies use these terms extensively.

But are they actually leveraging the technology?

Sometimes they are. And sometimes they think they are.

The bottom line? These terms are definitely overused.

So, how do you decide which companies are actually AI companies?

“AI is a very powerful and advanced technology. But ultimately, it’s just a tool for solving problems.” — Guy Zipori

We’re not asking the right questions

It’s not really important to define what’s an AI company and what’s not.

See, AI is just a technology. It’s a powerful technology, but it’s still just a technology.

It’s a tool that we use to solve problems.

So, the question we need to be asking isn’t, “What’s an AI company?”

The question we need to focus on is, “Can this company solve this problem better than any other company? And if they’re using AI, how is that helping them to solve that problem better than another technology?”

Whether a company uses AI or not shouldn’t really matter to us as customers, competitors, or business partners.

What matters is whether that company is able to solve some particular problem better than anyone else.

Is AI right for your company?

AI is a tool to help you solve problems…but it’s not magic.” — Guy Zipori

Well, what problem are you trying to solve?

And is AI the best tool to help you solve that problem?

If you’re looking into using AI, here’s a couple of things to keep in mind.

First, AI is not automation. Automation is more about replacing things that are done manually. With AI, it’s more about improving existing processes or decision making by generating insights that previously only humans could generate.

Second, it’s not about exploring what you can do with AI in your business. It’s about whether AI can help you solve a specific problem.

So, when you’re looking at AI, you need to have a specific problem in mind. And you need to have a team — whether internal or external — that can analyze that problem and the possible solutions to see if AI is the right tool for that problem.

And there are certain problems where AI can offer a lot of value. For example, problems with a lot of data where by crunching the data or doing some manipulations you can generate insights.

Third, AI is not a one size fits all solution. It requires research, development, and iteration.

Finally, using AI is sometimes more expensive or more challenging than using other technology. So, make sure that you really need to use AI before you invest in it.

And it’s okay if you use other technologies to solve that problem, as well.

AI is not magical. Sure, it can feel magical.

But it’s really just a tool that can help you solve problems.

So, don’t get carried away in the hype.

If you’re going to use AI, make sure it’s because you’ve done your due diligence and you’re confident that AI is the right tool to help you solve a particular problem.

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