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AI IRL Podcast Episode 35: Bringing AI to the World of Time Management

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I’ve always been an advocate of time management. It’s the best way to make sure you actually get things done.

Well, our latest guest on AI:IRL co-founded a startup, TimeHero, that’s taking time management to the next level. Scott Brooks joined me on the show to talk about how he’s bringing AI to the world of calendar management.

Here’s the problem we’re facing today

“We’re really trying to fix some stuff in and around time management how people look at their time and the things they have to do.” — Scott Brooks

We’re always busy.

But are we busy doing the right things?

These days we have multiple sources adding to our to-do lists: Slack, emails, phone calls, Twitter…the list goes on.

Plus, a lot of the tasks we have to get done have micro tasks associated with them.

And when you think about trying to schedule all of those little tasks in and around the things you have to attend — meetings events, etc. — you’re faced with a real time management problem.

That’s where TimeHero is leveraging AI to help.

How TimeHero is attacking this problem

TimeHero has a framework they’re using to solve this problem: capture, prioritize, plan.

So, TimeHero makes it really easy for people to capture what they have to do. And once they have that information they do the hard part of planning it out and offering feedback on whether or not you can actually get it done.

Consider this example.

Say you have a new task come in. If you’re going to do that task you’ll need two hours to spend on it and you’ll need to finish it by next Friday. In order to know whether or not you can realistically accomplish that task with those constraints, you’ll need to think through a couple of things:

  • Do you have those two hours to spare?
  • What might you need to push out of the way to get this task done?
  • Is there something more important you should be working on instead?

But by thinking through these things, TimeHero is doing the hard work of prioritizing and planning for you.

“We’re not necessarily trying to make you more productive…but definitely more effective.” — Scott Brooks

How they’re leveraging AI to do it

Imagine you’re trying to book a meeting with a co-working through an application like Outlook. You have to put in the event tease, a subject, and try to find some time that works with both of your schedules.

It’s a pretty labor intense just to get a meeting schedule.

Let’s go back to earlier example — you need two hours to get a certain task done by next Friday.

By using natural language, TimeHero knows that the intent is to find you a two-hour block of time over the next week to work on this task.

So, the task goes from you trying to check all these boxes to solve the problem to the system figuring out the best way for you to solve it.

TimeHero ensures you’re not just busy…but busy working in the right tasks.

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